Wednesday, November 3, 2010


That's me...

So anxious for Kyle's surgery on Friday, especially after our appointment today and discussing it. 3 1/2 hours for the surgery, surgeon comes out to talk to me afterwards of course, I'm sure I'll be crying or freaking out. I wish I could say I'll do well but I've fallen apart at the seams in the past couple of months. Thankfully my mom can be there with me, I'm so sad Kyle's mom can't make it, I need my Oregon mom right now :( Damn the high cost of flying between Portland, OR and Cedar Rapids, IA!!!!

Last night with my Edge tonight too, not even close to the same level as Kyle's surgery, but I'm not gonna lie I'm so sad to have to give it up at this point. Oh well, things will go our way in the future, I just know it. I get to take a drive with David tonight, my other hubby for those who aren't sure whom I'm talking about, no worries though he's gay and no threat to Kyle, plus Kyle is ok with our relationship ;) We get the Impala back from him, with the cracked windshield, non working automatic door locks and all. I'm so crazy emotional right now I'll probably cry at the Ford dealership when I give them my "Buttercup" back, I really should stop naming my cars it's easier to give them up then, right? ;)

Pray for my Kyle that he has a good surgery with no complications, please send happy thoughts our way on Friday!

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