Friday, May 6, 2011

My 30th

My 30th birthday party was a BLAST. My big surprise was my wonderful father-in-law visited from Oregon. I know he had a really good time out here with us, he is even planning to move here! He enjoyed going out with us and my crazy family and friends :) My other big surprise was the surprise visit from my crazy cousins Stacy and Angie, they lied and told me they couldn't make it down from Wisconsin, man I LOVE those two!

My wonderful dad and I :)

David (DJ), my gusband who spoiled me by buying us tickets to go see the Broadway show of Young Frankenstein, woo hoo!!!! :)

A great photo of us with my father-in-law :)

The Ya-Ya's!!! We will be reunited for good soon as Stacy and Angie are both moving back to Iowa in a month, woo hoo!!!!

This amazing man is the love of my life and gave me the best birthday celebration ever!!! I love you to pieces Kyle, you mean the world to me, I wouldn't have made it through the past year without you. We have a lot more ahead of us but I know with you by my side I can make it through anything :)

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