Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Positive Thoughts

Please send some positive thoughts and prayers this way. My mom is having a CT scan today on a large lump on her groin and also a lump in her abdomen. She will have the lump on her groin removed tomorrow, we are hoping and praying with all our might that neither lump is cancerous.

This was all very sudden, I'm still surprised it is happening at all. We had plans to go see Josh Groban tonight in Des Moines with Missy. We are still going but due to mom's surgery tomorrow we won't be going to the big antique barn in Des Moines searching for tea pots and tea cups. I'm glad my mom is still up for going at all though, she adores Josh Groban!

Crappy timing, well there is never good timing for something like this, but it just seems for my mom that things like this always happen when she has something fun planned. No matter what we will have a nice night, hopefully we will get some good news this afternoon.

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