Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2 Jo's Farm and a Halloween Party!

We had a wonderful weekend with great weather! Bella was supposed to go to a pumpkin patch on a field trip but it got rained out. So she really, really wanted to go, we did not go to a pumpkin patch since we already have pumpkins but we did head out to 2 Jo's Farm on Saturday. It was WONDERFUL!!! I really wanted to take her since they had pony rides :) Bella is a natural, when asked if she needed help up she said no, stuck her foot in the stirrup and swung herself onto that pony, what a proud moment for mommy :) She got her face painted like a fish tank, was made an honorary princess, went through the haunted barn and fed a LOT of hay to a beautiful horse. Her sweet little voice mentioned to Papa that maybe some day she could have a horse, I just elbowed dad and told him why not since he has the land ;) Kyle's dad went with us too and had a great time, he loved watching Bella ride the pony :)

Saturday night Kyle and I got to have a grown up night at Mindy and Casey's annual Halloween party. Mindy is due to have her baby girl in just 10 days but she still had to have her party :) We had a great time!!! Nothing like playing cards all night with wonderful family and friends, drinking my cousin Brett's homemade peppermint schnapps, some beer and 4 gallons of apple pie (the apple pie was shared between eight of us, don't be too worried) :) Needless to say there were lots of laughs, plenty of falling down by myself constantly on the way to the car, and wonderful Kyle taking care of David and I :)

David and I were pirate wenches

Larry was Captain Jack Sparrow (the Michael Bolton version), Ed was Wilfred

Kyle was Murphy from The Boondock Saints

Carley was a nurse and Zach was Connor from The Boondock Saints

Casey completed The Boondock Saints trio as Rocco

My beautiful preggo twin sisters, can't remember what Missy was but Mindy was a zombie :)

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