Tuesday, October 18, 2011

November 15th

On November 15th Zach will be embarking on his greatest adventure, Marine boot camp. He got the call yesterday and it is official, he is leaving four months earlier than planned. He is very, very excited and ready to get out of here to start this journey.

I'm so, so proud of him! We will be having a going away party for him on November 12th at my work, so lucky we have this huge hall I can use when it is available :) This was Zach's idea and he even offered to pay for all food and drinks, yeah right, like I'll let him do that! Thankfully I have so many family members that all food duties are already taken care of and Zach just gets to buy soda :)

Zach is such an amazing young man, I truly couldn't love him more if he was my own son. To have watched him finish out high school and make the good choices he has made, it just makes me proud knowing he could have easily taken a different path in life.

Our weekly dinners will come to an end, I will make each one that much more special for him before he does leave. I will miss his daily random texts to me, I will worry constantly that his drill sergeants are being too tough on him, I will miss midnight pick ups from the bar (he loves that entertainment, trust me ;)), I will miss the excitement in Bella's eyes when she knows it is a Zach night.

And yet I couldn't be more excited for him. Worries will be never ending, but the proud feeling I have for him and knowing what he is doing for our country and our freedom, and even more so for himself, makes it totally worth it.

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