Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Little Star Song

That's right, Bella was Star Song the My Little Pony for Halloween. She also got to wear some makeup, I'm going to have a little "diva" on my hands, just when it comes to makeup and hair, diva attitude hasn't hit quite yet ;) She seriously LOVES having just a little bit of makeup put on her for special occasions, she sits so well for me!

She of course looked ADORABLE!!! We went to Newhall, that has been our tradition since Bella was born. Her first Halloween she was just two weeks old and got snuggled the entire time, we also have a yummy chili dinner that my mom makes.

This year Kyle's dad was with us and he walked the route we always take Bella trick or treating. He really had a wonderful time and said it one of the most fun Halloween's to get to see Bella go trick or treating in her cute costume :)

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