Monday, February 11, 2013

The Dirty Pearls

So I went to high school with this awesome guy Tommy Mokas, such a great friend, very talented, funny and he had a dream.  Well his dream has come true, his band The Dirty Pearls are currently opening for Lady Gaga on her tour.

On their way from the Kansas City show to the Minneapolis show The Dirty Pearls stopped in Cedar Rapids for a free show!  I was so excited and there was no way I missing it, even on a Tuesday, thank goodness for vacation days because it took me most of Wednesday to recover :)

I've been to a few concerts, this one beats them all, sure it helps knowing the guy playing lead guitar, but it was just such an awesome show and everyone in the band is so damn nice!  They seriously ROCK and it was an honor to be watching Tommy rock out, check them out, I have a feeling they will be around for a very, very long time.

Myself, Tommy and Brienne

3 of the 4 of us from our volleyball team :)

My beautiful little sisters!

Tommy doing what he does best, rocking out!

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