Monday, March 4, 2013

Lifestyle Changes

Over the past couple of years life has seemed to be never ending bad news, shocking news, just so many bumps in the road.

We had decided that 2013 would NOT be like the past two years, we went into it with a positive outlook, knowing we would not take on others problems, and try to fix them, we would put more focus on each other, we would work hard to make it be OUR year.

I can report so far so good :)  I'm not saying there haven't been bumps, of course there have been, but we've gotten over them pretty smoothly, calmly and with a positive mind set.

We have changed our eating and are really trying to eat much more "cleanly". It is going well, thanks to Pinterest I am able to find recipes, yummy ones at that, and not run out of ideas.  I can say that for myself I have noticed a big difference, but I know that is also from my other lifestyle change.

Kyle is back in at a gym, he is loving it and I know this is the right place for him.  Personal training is what he truly loves, he will be doing that along with different classes and possibly have a big role at the gym once they open in their new location on April 1st :)

This is the year that will be competing in a figure competition in October.  In January and February I did the P90X dvds, which were great but I get bored easily with it so we began my training in the gym with Kyle.  Yes, my awesome husband will be my personal trainer on this journey, I will also have a posing coach but I won't start working with her until May/June.

This is a big deal for me and something I've been wanting to do for a long time, this year I was just ready to go and I've made amazing progress so far. Today was our first day with a 5am workout it, we did it and I need to continue to do that.  

From eating better, exercising daily, drinking a lot of fluids I can say that I have had NO dizzy spells, I never feel light headed, my heart feels great.  I knew the changes would have a positive impact, but it has been better than I could have anticipated!

The other night Kyle had me watch some YouTube videos of figure competitions and Bella was watching them with me.  She is very excited for mommy to be doing this, she was watching it and she said to me, "but mommy you are already really skinny so you don't have to work out."

Ahhhhhhhh, such a sweet little angel!!!!  I had to explain to her that mommy doesn't quite have the muscle tone yet to walk on stage in a bikini.  Watching that seemed to make it more real for Bella even, she now realizes what I will actually be doing and she can't wait to cheer me on :)

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