Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Swimming Lessons

We finally got Bella started in swimming lessons, she goes every Tuesday and Thursday night.  She has been so, so excited to get started this week!

Bella is smaller, we all know that, height is not her strong point and there is nothing wrong with that.  Although when you can't quite touch the bottom at the 3 - 4 foot end of the pool where your lessons are, it can make things a tad difficult.

Her teacher thought Bella would be able to touch the bottom, but Bella told her she didn't think she could, Bella was right.  She had to hold onto the side of the pool through the lesson while the other kids jumped around in the water and Bella tried not to get splashed.  I could see the fear in her eyes when the teacher would be helping another student while the other kids were jumping around by Bella.  But then Bella would look at me, I would smile and she would smile back and put on her brave face.

I put on my brave face too as I sat there watching my little peanut and making myself stayed seated rather than grabbing her and running.  Ok, a little over dramatic I know, but honestly my anxiety was through the roof through the entire lesson.

I'm so, so proud of my girl though, she proved to me yet again that she is so brave and willing to try anything.  Her teacher was so supportive and whenever Bella said she thought she couldn't do something Jessica was right there to assure her that she could with some help, then Bella would trust Jessica and do the exercise.

At the end of the lesson they went to a deeper part of the pool, because all the other kids are fairly tall, so the kids could jump in one at a time.  Bella was scared, but with some assurance from Jessica that she would catch her in the water, she did it!  The first time Bella went under, she didn't freak out, the second time Jessica made sure she didn't go all the way under.

I was anxious to chat with Bella when we got to the car and she said, "oh mommy, I loved it and wish I could go back tomorrow instead of waiting for Thursday!"

After a few lessons I'm sure my anxiety will go away, I'm just so, so proud of Bella!

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