Thursday, March 13, 2014

Catching Up

It has been far, far too long since I've posted in this blog!

Life is going well for us.  Bella is doing amazing in school and dance, she will be starting swimming lessons at the end of the month and probably track in April.  Not gonna lie, when she said she wanted to do the track program offered through Cedar Rapids Rec I was pretty pumped :)

It has been a LONG winter, we are so happy to have the snow melting and it actually smells like spring!  This weekend we have big plans to head to the park and enjoy the warm weather.  To us when it hits 45-50 degrees, that is a major heat wave.

Here is a small collage of us, I must get better about updating on here!

Bella is loving dance, she was amazing as a "Little Snowflake" in Dancer's Edge production of the Nutcracker.  She really loves the hip hop class she is in, I can't wait to see the performances at the recital in June, the kids are working so hard.

Kyle is still working at Nordstrom and training me for my next competition which is May 10th.

I will do better about keeping up with this blog, life is just so full, so many fun things to share :)

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