Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break Fun

This past week was spring break for Bella.  She spent a lot of the week at my parent's house and had a great time with them!  She told me her favorite was riding on Grandpa's tractor, going to the park and taking walks :)

I took Friday off for us to spend the day together.  We got our hair cut at David's salon, she loves doing that.  He even curled her hair all pretty for the day.  From there we went and had lunch, then we were off to the art museum.  Bella loved the art museum!  We will definitely have to make more trips there, she loved seeing all of the art.  After that we made one last stop to get manicures.  I didn't realize I had never taken her for one before, she was in awe of everything and she loved it of course.

I love doing all of this fun stuff with her, she didn't stop thanking me the entire day.  Love my thankful little girl.  She is growing up far too fast!

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