Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Life Of A 1st Grader

Bella is growing up so fast, it kind of scares me sometimes.  We are working hard to raise her to be a respectful, kind, confident, happy young lady.  Sometimes we wonder if we are doing the "right" things, not that there is some magical solution on how to raise your kids, but we all as parents hope we at least get it mostly right :)

Last week Bella came home and told me it was a rough day at school because they had a substitute teacher for music class and the kids were mean to her.  She told me that none of the kids would sing when they were supposed to and they kept saying mean things to the teacher.  Bella reassured me that she was the only student that was singing and being nice to the teacher.  She was then extremely proud to tell me that she was the only one in her class to get her sand dollar for the day AND the only one that got to go out for afternoon recess.

At first I thought she was probably lonely at recess, but of course the other classes were out there, she reassured me that she had fun.  She was so excited to tell me how proud her teacher was of her and I told her I was extremely proud of her for standing on her own and not doing what the other kids were doing, while trying not to cry at the complete sweetness that was oozing from her at that moment.  She was like, well yeah mom, you don't be mean to people especially teachers, I don't have to do what the other kids do I am always nice.

Eeck!!!!  So much pride in that moment, to know that she truly does know that she is her own person and at the young age of 7 she knows how to respect and treat others.  I'm just so proud of the good choices she makes!

Then last night she was taking bath and we were just chatting.  Every day we talk about each others day, but those times when it is us sitting quietly having a longer conversation, there are some wonderful conversations :)

"Mom since I have been taking cold lunch to school so have some of my other friends.  It is kind of weird but Claire waits until the end to line up for cold lunch so she can stand by me.  She always wants to be right by me, she is going CRAZY over our friendship, I think she needs to tone it down."

"Oh mom I so forgot to tell you about the balls we play with at recess being stolen!  There were these people cutting down a tree and we couldn't get to the other part of the playground and kids left the balls out and then someone stoled them!  But thankfully the school got some new ones, so we don't have to worry."

Oh my goodness, I was dying.  I love hearing the stories about her day, hearing about all of her friends and the fun adventures she has.

In the craziness that is our life these moments are cherished and I need to be better about writing them out to show her some day when she is older :)

Bella we love you so, so much and are so proud of the kind young lady that you are.  Even when we are on the go from 4:30 am (well Kyle and I are at that time some mornings while she is snoozing away) until 8 pm we are always enjoying our life.  

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