Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back Pain....Two's Room....Ear Infection

So yesterday was a super exciting day for the Griffin girls. My personal excitement started around 2pm at my desk, I got this sharp pain in my back. At first I was thinking it was probably a kidney pain, I was hoping and praying that it would NOT be a kidney stone!! My poor mother is cursed with kidney stones and passes them fairly often, seeing her go through the pain of them, I was totally dreading that possibility. As the afternoon wore on the pain was getting worse and going around my side, so I knew it was a strained muscle or something. I'm sure it's thanks to my hobby of running.

I went to LaPetite to pick up Bella and found out that she spent half of her day in the Two Room!! Bella being the shy little thing that she is wouldn't go into the room at first because she didn't recognize anyone. One of her favorite teachers decided to go in with her, Bella had to sit on her lap for five minutes before she would venture out on her own. I was told that once Bella recoginzed Jason (Bella's cute boy, she seriously only calls him "cute boy"), she was ready to play and hang with him. Jason and Bella have been together since the Infant Room and they really do get along well so it was great for Bella to realize she would be with Jason once again. So it was a great day for Isabella :)

When we got home I was hobbling around with my PAINFUL back, I thought Bella felt a little warm so I took her temp. It was 100.7, she has had a low grade fever since Sunday and I was hoping and praying that it would be something that could take care of itself. Rather than wait any longer I decided to take her to our favorite walk in clinic. Bella has the nurses/doctors/receptionists all wrapped around her tiny fingers there. I guess it's kind of sad that they all know us so well because we have to go there so often. We found out that Bella of course has an ear infection, she just had one on September 2nd!! We will DEFINATELY be discussing tubes at her two year appointment.

After all this drama I took her home and then headed to the pharmacy for her medicine. Once I got home I must have walked wrong because the pain in my back was shooting down into my butt! It was HORRIBLE, Kyle was trying to help me figure out what was going on, so thankfully I was getting a massage by him. He found about seven knots from my back down into my butt. I have NEVER felt so much pain in my butt muscles! Thankfully our wonderful roommate David had some muscle relaxers, which I gratefully took from him. Today I'm feeling alright, I was going to head to the chiro, but what's the point when it's just my stupid muscles??

Needless to say there will be no running for me for a couple of days :(

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