Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Clamping Mitre Box

I spent my lunch hour at one of my favorite stores.....Menards :)  I was on the hunt for a coping saw and found so much more.

I found a Clamping Mitre Box that came with a saw on sale, jack pot, a file set, a coping saw, AND The Ultimate PushUp....also on sale :)  So I got some of my favorite things (tools) and found a nice little surprise for Kyle, everyone wins!

The rest of the workday went by about as quickly as this winter is going.  Then I decided that Bella and I should meet my parents for dinner and visit my grandma.  Dinner was great, Bella was a ham, is anyone surprised??  Our waitress was this super cute, kind of gothic girl (not trying to stereotype!).  She had black hair with bright green stripes and quite a few facial piercings, she was such a sweet, pretty girl and Bella LOVED her :)  After our dinner she brought Bella hot chocolate with LOTS of whipped topping AND marshmallows.  Bella thought she was just the coolest kid in the restaurant :)

Then we headed over to see grandma.  She is staying at a Care Center for the time being, it's actually a really nice one.  They have two dogs and a cat that wander around to visit everyone.  That was a big selling spot for me, I love animals so much and feel that they can bring joy to people just by being by their side for a little while.  Grandma was very happy to see us, she has a pretty small room but it seems cozy.  We saw the cat on the way to her room, it is a HUGE long haired calico, so pretty.  Bella was thrilled when she saw it, so you can imagine what she was wanting to do the entire time :)  She actually did pretty well in grandma's room, but then Grandpa decided to let her wander in the halls and she found the kitty, it wasn't good.  Dad could not get her to stay in the room, so we just had to leave, it was 7:45pm and she was not cooperating well with me.  One amazing thing she did though....she hugged great grandma goodbye :)  Bella usually acts pretty shy around her and hasn't let her hug her since she was very small, so it was really sweet.  We got to say goodbye to the kitty as well and Bella was very cordial and just ready to head home.

Once we got home I was ready to try out my new tools.  So I grabbed a piece of trim and got started.  I figured, I'm a strong girl I can definitely get this trim sawed down.  Well I did get one piece sawed with the mitre saw, but the coping saw??  No freaking way, poor Kyle, now he's going to have to help his meek little wife ;)  I got some shots of my new saw (Shalae I really took these for you ;-)), and also of my four legged helpers.

Otis is our big boy we adopted from David.

It's kind of strange how much they look alike, and that they're named Milo and Otis just by coincidence.

Milo thought he'd give the sawing a try ;)

They grew tired early and decided to show some brotherly love ;)  They're so cute because they really do love each other, if only they would stop pestering Tybalt.

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stephaniezamora said...

LOL, who are you? I can only aspire to be more like you.