Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Honesty is the best policy....

Right?? Well last night I got to chat with my Stephie for quite a while, she is 18 weeks prego and was asking me some questions. I answered them ALL completely HONESTLY, now I'm thinking, man I hope I didn't put the fear of god into her!!!!

I feel though that it's good to get all the stories about everyone's pregnacies/birthing process. Stephie W. and I are two of a kind, seriously, I think it's a bit scary how alike we are. So I hope Stephie W. that you get some more stories or just ignore all the stories and look at your pregnancy and future birthing of squirt as unchartered territory and just think positively about it all.

It had me remembering a lot of moments from my pregnancy and birth of Bella. I seem to have a different take on all of it constantly. Sometimes I think back and think that my pregnancy was perfect and the delivery was no big deal. Then I REALLY think about it and yes the pregnancy was pretty much perfect, but the birthing of Bella certainly was not. When the epidural only works on one half of your body (thanks to a pinched nerve I just happened to get on my right side when they gave me the epidural) it's really not a great birthing experience. Don't get me wrong, every second of that hard work was more than worth it for Bells!!!

Then I think about the fact that I have two older sisters who have birthed good sized babies and I feel like such a weenie. At least Bells was only 7 pounds, not almost nine or ten!!!! Jenn and Laura - you guys are amazing and thank you for your hard work on pushing out my big baby nephews :)

Here's a look back at our amazing little Bells, the angel in our life that we love more than we could have ever imagined.

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stephaniezamora said...

awe! I truly enjoyed our convo last night. I really needed some Stephi G time and don't worry, I was already scared sh*tless before we spoke. Love you!