Tuesday, February 3, 2009

September 26, 2009 - A Bechthold Wedding

My amazing little sister Missy and her wonderful man Ed got married on Dec. 29th in North Carolina at the courthouse in Greensboro. Missy Koch is now Missy Bechthold :) They will be having a small ceremony here in Iowa with a reception on September 26, 2009......let the fun begin!!

It's going to be an interesting few months getting everything put together for their wedding. Thank god there is email, texting, cameras, and Missy's artwork :) Missy drew out how she would like the ceremony set up (it will be outdoors at Palisades park at sunset), it will be BEAUTIFUL, here is her vision.

I can already picture how beautiful and amazing their ceremony will be, surrounded by those closest to them, outside at a beautiful location.

Here is the vision for the hall set up and the head table layout, AWESOME!!

Mindy is in charge of flowers (we found some really amazing roses), I think Jenn and I are just trying to make sure things continue to get done and we all stay on track. I feel so badly that Missy can't make it back here before the wedding, but she does really trust us to get everything done for her exactly as she wants it.

Don't worry Missy, you and Ed's day will be AMAZING and we will all do everything in our power to make it so!!

I love you guys.


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The Koch Sisters Wedding Planning

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I know, I think we should start our own business ;)