Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Too Sexy...

That is me!

So we have the Enterprise Holiday Party this weekend at a hotel in Iowa City. Their events are usually very dress, like tux and gown type stuff. This year they are stepping it down a bit and guys are wearing suits and women, cocktail dresses.

Cocktail dresses....hmmmm...to me that means something dark and sexy. I found the "perfect" dress at Express.com for $15!!! I immediately ordered it and gloated to Kyle about my find. So it came in, I tried it on and it fit me PERFECTLY!!!

I had it on when Kyle came home, he said, "interesting". Not what I expected, but I didn't get into what his comment actually meant. Here's the dress, on a hanger so honestly not the best shot for this dress, it does not do it justice.

It's just so damn fun, and comfy!! I mean so yes it's a sparkly, sequin, tube dress that fits great. Yes I have an ass, at least it's nice, yes I have biggish boobs, they are nice, yes I have muscly legs, they annoy me. Anyway, Kyle told me tonight that he thinks it's too sexy.

So now there is NO WAY I can wear this damn dress, it will forever hang in my closet without any place to be worn :( I have a dress that is my go to funeral dress and Kyle approves of that. It's a super cute dress, but seriously I've worn it to two funerals, it's so not a party dress.

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