Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our Morning Moment

My beautiful daughter may push my buttons a lot but we do have wonderful mornings together.

I take Bella to school and pick her up every day. On the way to school we have little talks, like how the clouds are hiding the sun, why we have to go over bumps every day, and we look for the moon every morning.

Once we get to school Bella is really in a good mood and ready for her friends. But the most important thing to her is our special goodbye.

Bella gets a little stool and puts it right against the door to her classroom. I stand outside and she waves at me through the little window, then we blow kisses, catch them and say "I got it!"

She really thinks it's just the best thing, and so do I. I LOVE starting my weekday mornings with a special moment with my Bella. I will savor these mornings for as long as they last.

I wonder if she'll let me drive her to highschool and blow kisses from the car window ;)

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