Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Sweetness of a 3 Year Old

So yesterday Kyle had an interview for a Manager position in Dubuque, an hour commute but he would get a car from Enterprise. He really worked hard on his presentation for his interview, seriously like 10 hours on Tuesday. It was between himself and a Manager from a different Cedar Rapids branch. Kyle is an Assistant Manager and his scores are high enough to qualify him to interview for Manager.

Anyway he had a two hour interview and he felt that he killed it.

Kyle didn't get the job. Based on experience the Manager got the position. But now there is a position open in Cedar Rapids that he will interview for, we're keeping our fingers crossed :)

Kyle was bummed because he's competitive and he really worked hard and interviewed well. I told Bella right before he came home that she will need to cheer up daddy because he had a bad day at work.

Bella LOVES her daddy, he is her hero, her buddy, she is just crazy about him. They have the best relationship and she will do anything for her daddy...

Kyle comes in the door...

Bella: "Oh daddy, I love you (hugs, kisses), I sorry you had a bad day."

Daddy: "It's ok sweetie, it wasn't a bad day, just a rough day."

Bella: "Ok daddy, but I cheer you up so now you be happy."

Daddy: "Ok Bella, you are just the best."

Mommy....I'm gonna cry seeing this sweetness pour from my daughter who throws all the sass at me. But it melts me almost every day to see their special relationship.

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