Friday, March 18, 2011

Big Day

So I haven't chatted about this on my blog at all but I know my readers already know what is going on so here we go!

Today is biopsy day! I'm terrified, totally and completely terrified. As one of my lovely angels pointed out to me, it's not a huge pain AND I have my tattoo on my neck. BUT a tattoo is so different, it's a tiny needle that just repeatedly stabs me and it doesn't hurt :) To me that is way better than a shot to numb my thyroid and then the stupid long needle to get in there for the biopsy.

I've done well so far but today is a day full of nerves and a cramped stomach thanks to those out of control nerves. I'm praying and praying that they find it is not cancerous and is something that may just have to be monitored and I may have to be on medication for. I so do not want to have to have surgery, that terrifies me as well, I'm just a big scared baby!

Hopefully I will have my results this afternoon, keep your fingers crossed that I do, I do not want to go through the weekend still wondering, nearly a month of wondering has been enough.

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