Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blood Suckers

I had more blood taken yesterday, the gal that did it was wonderful, I don't even have any bruising today :)

They are checking a lot of things, even checking for mono. I think if they find nothing in my blood that I have to resign to the fact that I am CRAZY!!!! Seriously, if there is nothing, then that has to mean my tiredness is all mental. If I'm working my butt off or staying busy I don't notice how tired I am, its when I sit and take a break that the exhaustion washes over me like a wave. Also, my thyroid is still enlarged of course, not sure on that. I figure I will probably be told the nodules are making it enlarged so I just have to deal with it.

I totally feel like I need to run away for a week, all by myself. I believe I need to sit on a beach and drink lots and lots of cocktails, I just know that would "fix" me ;)

Actually if the wave of good news continues to come in like it has from my family that should just keep lifting me. I can't share anything yet, but soon, soon I will share the huge events that are making life even more enjoyable and precious :)

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