Monday, March 21, 2011


The biopsy is done, woo hoo!

It wasn't too horrible, the worst part was the shot to numb the thyroid. Also the radiologist that did the biopsy was a little "off". Seriously, not to be mean, but he had a lazy eye and I wasn't sure when he was looking at me or not. Plus Kyle was about ready to step in and ask him if he could do the job because he was so SHAKY before giving me the shot!

The room was full of people, the nurse, ultrasound tech (who happens to be the mother of the adorable little boy Payton from Bella's class), radiologist, lab tech and pathologist. They did well, got enough cells to get dyed and see if the nodule is anything to be concerned with. They only had to do three passes for the bypass and it took about 15 minutes.

The best part was hearing Katie (the ultrasound tech) tell us how much Payton LOVES Bella, he tells Katie at least once a week that he is going to marry Bella :)
We should have the results of the biopsy tomorrow or Wednesday.

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