Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Devil - My Love

  Milo - my lovely black and white cat, he ADORES me.  Seriously, he always has to be right beside me when I am home, he always has to lay on me at night when we go to bed, he even likes to be in the bathroom when I shower......it's edging on creepy right now!

When I get home he is excited to see me and occasionally jumps up for me to grab him.  Well tonight I was focused on Isabella and didn't realize my little Milo decided to jump up for me.  He instinctively dug his claws into my chest which resulted in the following picture, OUCH!!!!

Kyle just stared on, speechless by what he saw.  It happened so quickly, Bella didn't even realize what happened.  I cleaned my wounds and now have ugly scratches on my chest, but I still say he is not a devil cat :)


stephaniezamora said...

ouch! hon...devil cat is my vote, sorry.

Stephanie said...

I know, it's ok, I'm the only one on his side :) I've healed nicely though ;)