Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So my sister Jenn is pregnant with her second little one, baby Shim (the nickname given due to the fact that we don't know what she is having :)). According to my mom Jenn went to the hospital yesterday afternoon because she was having some pretty hard contractions, she was sent home early evening.

McKayla was born 21 days early, so if Shim wants to go along with the early bird arrival like his/her sister tomorrow would be 21 days early. Come on baby Shim, you must be done cooking and ready for us to all meet you :)

I hope for a fast delivery like McKayla for Jenn, she is a champ!


stephaniezamora said...

That is so exciting, you guys are going to have the biggest family ever :) I think B needs a brother or a sister too.

Stephanie said...

Everyone thinks B needs a brother or a sister. But poor little B is going to be an only human child, thank god for her four legged siblings :)