Friday, October 24, 2008


I HATE taking Bella in for her shots.  This time Kyle came, I made him, it was his turn to be the bad guy and hold her down for them!  We met with a doctor who is replacing Bella's old doctor because we couldn't see the wonderful doctor Bella will now have due to the fact that she is currently on maternity leave.

We weren't thrilled with the new doctor.  He just seemed unsure of himself, we have thought that Bella has another ear infection, he confirmed that there is fluid in her right ear but wouldn't give us an antibiotic because he thinks it will clear up on its own.  Well thankfully we have our appointment at the Growth Clinic on Tuesday because Bella keeps complaining about her ear and I know it won't get better on it's own.

When she got her shots we had to go next door to get some blood drawn, thankfully!  Once we got over to the MedLabs Bella was frantically trying to get her pants off, when I pulled them down one of her legs was all swollen and red and breaking out in hives from the shots.  So that was horrible and we had to get her Benadryl to take care of that.

Then she got to spend the rest of the day at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  When I picked her up her other leg seemed a little swollen around where she got the shots.

This morning when I got her up I was SHOCKED by her leg!  The bump was HUGE, red and hard.  She had a temp of 100.7, so I gave her Tylenol and took her to work with me rather than to school, then I took the afternoon off so we could be at home.  Her leg still looks horrible, she is beyond upset though from her leg, her ear and she is just miserable :(  We'll get through it though Bella is a trooper!!

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