Monday, October 27, 2008

Throw Up

This morning was a hard daughter/mother morning.  Bella had eaten her usual little muffins and I was getting ready to get her coat when she said, "mommy", in her scared little voice.  Next thing I know she was throwing up all over herself :(  Here I am, alone with her and the person in the house with the weakest stomach.  But I'd heard from so many people that they are fine when it's their own child throwing up, so I thought I would be fine.

I called Jonnie immediately to let her know I wouldn't be in, as I'm telling her this and standing by Bella in her chair covered in puke I was trying so hard not to gag.  So that was one rushed phone called.  Then it was Kyle's turn, poor Kyle, he got to hear my lurching and trying to get our daughter out of her chair and into the bathtub.

In then end I threw up as well, twice, and throwing up is the worst thing in the world to me.  Bella threw up a couple more times and thankfully hasn't anymore today.  Hopefully it was just a 24 hour bug, I feel fine, I'm just a weakling and definitely not the mother that can clean up her child's puke without getting sick as well.

Tomorrow afternoon we go to the Growth Clinic at the U of I so hopefully Bella's throwing up didn't really mess with her weight gain at all!

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stephaniezamora said...

you threw up! omg, ok, so I gagged a little too just reading the story...izzy has been putting us through something similar but with poo.