Monday, October 13, 2008


So today is our beautiful girl's 2nd birthday!  She is getting so big and I have so much fun planned for her today :)  She enjoyed a birthday breakfast of cinnamon and spice oatmeal, plus a donut!  Then Bella got to open her presents from Grandma & Grandpa sent from Oregon.  She loves her new pillow and really LOVES the dresses grandma made for her, she just HAD to put one of them on right away :)

We also had a huge milestone today..........Bella went potty on her big girl potty!!!  We were playing downstairs and she told me she wanted to go potty.  So we headed upstairs and I was SHOCKED when she got off of the potty and there was actually pee in it :)  Yay for Bella, hopefully we'll keep this up!

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Stephanie Zamora said...

whoa!!! 2!!! and potty all by herself!!! ask her if she can teach me, please.

please gever her kisses for me.

Happy B-day Bells, love you mucho.