Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Didn't find the appendix...

First off Easter fun photos will be up soon...

So on Sunday Bella was complaining that her "waist" hurt. Kyle and I figured it was probably gas and continued our hussle to get things ready to head out to Newhall for the day. Bella acted fine out there and had a blast, played like crazy with her cousins and was just her happy go lucky self.

At about 3am Monday morning she woke up and was in terrible pain, I brought her into our bed and enjoyed being kicked in the head until it was time to get up for work. Bella was NOT feeling like going to school and her tummy was really bothering her.

So Kyle stayed home with the peanut and took her to our doctor. They thought maybe it was appendicitis or a bladder infection. WHAT?!? How could I have thought her pain was just gas, bring on the major mommy guilt feeling!! I know I really couldn't have known, but still, I pushed her to get ready on Sunday and get out to Newhall for Easter believing it was nothing. Bella wouldn't pee at the office so first we went to St. Luke's for an ultrasound to see her appendix. Bella peed at home and Kyle took it in.

The doctor calls Kyle and talks with him, Kyle tells me what they say when I'm at work but of course tells me the whole story once I get home. Bella is dehydrated, what!?! This girl LOVES her water, seriously loves it. Then Kyle shares with me that the doctor's office said she doesn't have appendicitis, they never saw her appendix on the ultrasound photos, but still it's not appendicitis.

Um, ok, how do you not see an important organ?? Kyle doesn't ask about it of course so we are just going off what the doctor says, she is dehydrated and it is causing abdominal pain. We are pushing the fluids big time, water, a tad bit a Pedialyte, Bella HATES it so I have to really water it down for her.

If her pains aren't gone by the weekend though I'm taking her back on Monday. Kyle will be out of town this weekend for training and I'll be in Des Moines for a steward school. Bella will be in good hands with my parents and we all know they will be sure to let me know if they don't think something is right with her :)

This crap is just hard, I listen to our doctor, she is amazing I mean really, we just love her. This experience though was a bit strange and I just hope Bella gets better with increased fluids and hopefully we'll be seeing clear pee soon ;)

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