Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Accident Prone

So as you read below I had a little accident yesterday, I seriously injure myself about once a day. Whether it's a stubbed toe, hitting my head on something or tripping, I'm just plain accident prone. It's almost comical at times, my friend David is the same exact way so relaying my stories to him kills us as I wait to here his story of injury ;)

I went to Target and got some Vanilla smelly things, you know the gel things you set out, I don't know what they are called. I had too many items in my hand and dropped one, it landed right on my little toe. OUCH!!!!!! I crouched down in the aisle pretending to look at carpet cleaning products and I tried not to cry or god forbid, faint. That's all I'd need, to faint in Target, freak people out and get taken to the ER.

I made my way to the check out, almost in tears and headed for my car. I thought my foot felt super sweaty so I glanced down at it (I hadn't looked at it at all, I was too scared too!! I know I'm a big baby.) there was blood running off of my sandal, EWWWWW.

I made it to my car and figured I better check out the damn toe. It's like the stupid air freshener cut right through my toe, the skin was just pushed back. I had blood all over my foot and now soaked into my flip flop. I'm not good with this crap, I had a towel in my car and sopped up what I could and headed back to work.

Now I'm cleaned up and bandaged, what an ordeal. Be careful carrying around those damn air fresheners if you ever get them! ;)

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