Wednesday, June 30, 2010

He's 30...

That's right, my Kyle turned 30 on June 25th!!! We had a low key day/evening, Kyle's birthday falls on the weekend of my Schmitz family reunion so we're always busy. He was very surprised by his gift of money from his parent's, his brother Sean, his wife Nora and nephew Mac, and of course from me, all to go towards a new tattoo :) He knew we couldn't afford for him to get his full sleeve he wants so he thought we'd just forget about a tattoo. But I knew he wanted a smaller one on his other forearm and now he can get it!
We spent the day out in Newhall for the family reunion and had a great time playing bags, eating lots of food and drinking some beer :) Bella had a great time with her cousins, she has a very strong bond with my cousins' from Virginia little girl Alyssa, they ADORE each other!! Alyssa is just one month younger than Bella and they just seriously get along amazingly.

Saturday night I had a party for Kyle at Brick's Bar and Grill, we had a BLAST!!! Kyle drank a lot and got secretly wasted. I say secretly because Kyle is sneaky when he drinks, I think I'm one of the few people that can tell he is. My family was so excited to see him drunk and then disappointed to realize that when Kyle gets drunk he just gets a bit more chatty, not crazy :)

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