Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Been a while...

Life hasn't been too overly exciting thankfully! I chopped my hair off last week, pictures to come after a very busy weekend coming up. My Kyle turns 30 on Friday, we have a house warming at my bestest buddy David's, Saturday is a family reunion, Saturday night is party time to celebrate Kyle. There will be LOTS of pictures to share after all that :)

Bella has been having some fun, she spent the night at Aunt Laura's house on Friday night. She and Lauryn had a BLAST, I'm sure Reggie had fun with the girls too even though he won't admit it ;) The plan was for Larry and I to play in a doubles sand volleyball tournament, the crappy rain blew that. Oh well, Bella still had her plans and had fun. She was great when I picked her up on Saturday, I'm sure the fact we were going shopping helped, she is becoming my little shopping buddy, watch out!!

Then Monday night she got to spend the night at my Aunt Karen's house. My cousins Ronnie and Courtney are here for the week from Virginia, their little girl Alyssa is one month younger than Bella and their daughter Allison is about 7 months old. Bella loves Alyssa so we just had to plan a sleepover. The girls did really well, stayed up late chatting though :)

I was supposed to pick up Bells after work yesterday, well instead I decided to slam my knee on the corner of my desk which caused a fainting spell. I headed home since I had absolutely no energy after that and Kyle had to pick up Bella.

At about 6:15pm, I was wondering where the heck they were. Finally Kyle called me and sounded totally stressed, I guess Bella threw the BIGGEST tantrum when it was time to leave! My little peanut has got the biggest temper, she really truly does. Aunt Karen has heard my stories but has never witnessed Bella ever be naughty. She was SHOCKED. Kyle got her out of there eventually, with Bella sobbing and coughing uncontrollably and not telling anyone thank you for letting her spend the night. We are so big on being polite, that just upsets me she couldn't calm down enough to even thank them for such a great time.

When they got home it was straight to bed for Bella. She wanted me to rock her and talk. Bella was very apologetic and overly tired, she fell asleep about 5 mintues after I laid her down.

This morning she is so very sorry for last night, she kept apologizing to me and Kyle and wants to make sure we call Aunt Karen after school. She may be a monster at times, but at least she's an apologetic one ;)

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