Monday, December 22, 2008

Casey's Awesome Birthday Fun

Saturday night I ventured out to the Piano Lounge, it's one of my favorite places for going out in Cedar Rapids.  They have every martini you can think of!  My new buddy Jenn introduced me to the Pineapple Upside Down Martini, WOW......seriously, it tasted like cake!

Missy and Ed are visiting from North Carolina and they joined us, it was such a great night :)  I took full advantage of Happy Hour with the $3.50 martinis, I should have known better with me being more of a beer girl than a liquor girl.  I got some good shots before the liquor really hit at least ;)

I can't take credit for this next photo of Casey and Mindy they take great self portraits :)

Of course there are some random ones that I didn't take or at least don't remember taking them!  It really was a total blast, thank you to Mindy for driving my butt around, Missy for taking care of me and making sure I closed out my tab, and Jenn for introducing me to the delicious martinis and hanging out with me :)

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