Monday, December 1, 2008


We had this delicious turkey in Newhall for Thanksgiving :) It was a strange Thanksgiving this year, there were only six of us for dinner when we are used to about 21 people. But the food was wonderful, so wonderful that a certain someone who shouldn't be overeating ate herself to a tummy ache, oops.

Isabella wasn't thrilled with me trying to constantly take her picture in the cute dress she was wearing. I actually didn't take very many pictures, but I did snap a few of Bella "helping" in the kitchen :)

Then Bella had her eye on the yummy molten chocolate cakes that Aunt Mindy made, lets just say she really, really enjoyed them :)

After the molten chocolate cake came the bowl on the head, yes a bowl on the head. Bella thought she was so funny when she decided to make a bowl her hat :)

Of course he can't resist taking a self portrait of us, he's pretty damn good at it, Kyle is the best :)

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stephaniezamora said...

bucket on the head, that is genius, i have to have one.