Monday, December 29, 2008

JoAnn Koch - You Will Be Missed

My Aunt JoAnn passed away on Friday, she has had a tough battle with cancer for quite a while. She had beaten it before with chemo and there was another tumor found, she decided against treatment this time. Her body had already been through so much when she had beaten the cancer before.

JoAnn was such a fun loving, special woman. No matter what she went through she always had a smile on her face and kind words for everyone. Eventually she was moved into a nursing home, surrounded by pictures of her family and letters and cards from loved ones. I was able to visit her while she was there and even being away from her family, she was still so joyful.

I pray for my Uncle Louie and my cousins who will deeply miss their wife, mother, and grandmother. We will miss you so much JoAnn, our hearts will ache for a long time, but now you are in a better place and your body can finally rest. I love you JoAnn.


stephaniezamora said...

I am sorry for your family's loss. HUGS.

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