Monday, December 8, 2008

Foot Issues...Again??

I got on the eliptical today and got going at a good pace, only to have to stop so I could loosen up my right shoe. I was having major pain and it felt like my shoe was too tight. I started up again, lasted 10 minutes and had to stop because of the pain.

I went through this about eight months ago while training for a biathalon, I thought I had a stress fracture or something. No stress fracture, just very high arches. So I got some inserts for my shoes and everything has been just fine...until now.

I HATE this, injuries are such a pain, not just the actual pain but figuring out what the injury is exactly, the best way to treat it, and hoping it doesn't have to involve buying custom inserts that my insurance may not cover!

This always happens to me when I've been doing really well with my working out, it seems like after about a month something happens. Either a muscle strain, tweeked out back, foot pain, just something to throw me off!

Now that I'm back in my regular shoes, I have NO pain whatsoever, it doesn't hurt to walk, jump, anything.

Hopefully this won't last and I don't have to go back to my creepyish foot doctor.

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