Thursday, December 11, 2008

Growing Up

Our little bug did amazing today in her surgery :)  We couldn't believe how fast it was and how quickly she came to.  It was a bit nerve racking when the nurse came to take her for the operation, but other than that it was simple and went smoothly.  She wanted to just cuddle and watch cartoons for most of the day, but got very active in the early evening, she was her normal silly self :)

Today marks a milestone for Bella.  While I was getting ready this morning, Kyle was downstairs and all of the sudden we heard a thud from Bella's room and her cry.  I bolted in there, pretty freaked out, she was laying on the floor.  She had climbed out of her crib and fallen!  Thankfully she was totally fine, just a little scared, but that meant it was definitely time for this............

the transition bed, and it terrifies me.  Bella is now free to roam, get up whenever she wants, sneak out.......nah, not sneak out of course, but she's growing up way too fast!  At least she can't open the doors.....YET :)


nlaug said...

I hope you know how much I appreciate that Bella is a couple of months older than Harrison. I just love seeing what is in store for us next. Ahhh...not ready for this one:)

Stephanie said...

It's been getting interesting :) Last night we found her laying halfway in her closet, asleep on a pile of clothes I have in there to put into tubs. It was so funny, she had all her blankets and friends out of the bed with her :)