Monday, December 1, 2008

Otitis Media

A fancy term for inflammation of the inner ear, that is one of the pamphlets I got this morning while visiting Dr. Krivit, Bella's Otolarnygologist surgeon. He HIGHLY recommends that she has tubes placed so we are doing it on December 11th. Bella did very well on the hearing tests, so that was good. Due to her small size he agrees with the Growth Clinic that she should have the tubes to lessen the chances of ear infection, chances of bad appetite and losing more weight!

I'm feeling pretty ok with all of this, I had tubes when I was little and so did Missy, Mindy and Larry, we're all ok :) The only thing that makes me nervous is the fact that she has to be put under for this. I have been reassured that I have NOTHING to worry about, it's a 10 minute out-patient procedure and Bella will do just fine.

Thankfully Kyle is jumping in and taking that day off, I think he is more worried than I am, he's such a good daddy :)

Just another step forward on the road to making Bella a healthier little girl :)

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