Friday, May 21, 2010

Kidney Stone..

So at about 1pm on Sunday as I was packing up my car to leave Wisconsin I got a phonecall from Kyle. I figured it would be him just checking on me to see if I had headed out yet. When I answered I knew something was terribly wrong, first of all he was crying and secondly he just sounded completely distraught.

He told me that he hurt his back, then explained to me that it happened when he was laying in bed, doing nothing. I thought that seemed odd and was totally freaking out. I called my parents and my dad took Kyle to the ER while my mom stayed at our house with Bella. My mom called me after they picked up Kyle because she did not think it was his back. She told me Kyle was on his hands and knees when they got there and sweating profusely. She thought it was a kidney stone.

Turns out my mom was right, it was a damn kidney stone! My drive from Wisconsin was the longest 5 hour drive of my life, I didn't know until about 3.5 hours into it that it was not his back. My dad was relieved when they knew it was that but also told me he was glad I wasn't there to see Kyle. For three hours he was in the emergency room without pain killers and having convulsions because he was in so much pain.

By the time I got there at 8pm they still didn't have his pain under control. He had to stay one night in the hospital. He did pass the stone on Tuesday afternoon and he has an appointment next week. The bad thing is that we found out when they did the CT scan they saw more stones in his other kidney, we don't know how many yet.

My poor Kyle, he already deals with his damn back pain and now he knows he will pass more kidney stones at some point :( He's tough but he said he had never experienced this kind of pain in his life, poor guy.

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The Veldmans said...

Oh, I hope that Kyle is feeling better. I can't believe that they didn't give him anything for the pain. They say that kidney stones are as bad as giving birth. What kind of hospitals do you have down there? :)