Monday, May 24, 2010


I decided to just go ahead and put in a patio last Wednesday, so it was my weekend project :)

My car was fully loaded with supplies on Friday:

It was pretty easy as I put them all on my flat cart at Menards, one guy asked if I needed help, oh no I had it just fine.......until I tried pushing it after it was FULL. I made it to the check out, but it was probably pretty comical to see me pushing it, it took me forever to get to the check out.

Here is the area I did before. Our backyard doesn't have the best grass coverage, something I'm trying to fix. The new patio of course takes care of a decent size chunk of the yard :)

I decided to do a mulch patio because we didn't have a big budget for this, I already had 19 big tiles to use, not enough to do an entire tile patio but enough to have them in the middle. It was actually super easy, the hardest part was digging the trenches for the landscaping timber, but even that got done pretty quickly. My little sis Mindy came over and helped, we had a lot of fun doing it :)

No patio furniture yet, but we'll get some eventually. I actually ran out of mulch, need to get more to finish up next to the deck. But I really love it, a 3 hour project that really added a nice space to our backyard.


The Veldmans said...

That looks great, nice work Steph! I'm so impressed with how handy you are!!!

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Shalae said...

Nice job Steph!!! It looks great! I'm getting ready to start my own project this weekend... the joys of home ownership!!!