Friday, May 21, 2010

Wisconsin Fun

I went up to Wisconsin for my yearly trip to visit my cousins Angie and Stacy. It was the first I've gone by myself, usually Laura is up there at the same time. Also Angie and Stacy now live apart, so we all stayed at Angie's place, it was so much fun :)

We HAD to partake in some shopping, no I didn't find any shoes. Ok now pick yourself up off the floor after reading that statement ;) I did come across this amazing store called Katmandu, my new favorite store that is only up there and doesn't sell online :( It's a total hippy store, they have adult and childrens clothing. I found a dress for Bella (pics to come later), I couldn't resist it. So of course the manager then bartered with me and I found myself a dress also and got them both very cheaply :) I so wish we had this store in Iowa!!!

We of course headed out to the bar on Saturday, we went to Whiskey Dick's. They had an outdoor Tiki bar and the seats at the bar were swings, that got interesting as the night went on ;) They also had bean bags and darts so we played bean bags of course. At the end of the night inside the bar turns into a "dance" club. Oh my, it was interesting seeing the crowd that goes there. We had a blast dancing and people watching :)

I was sad to leave Stacy and Angie, I wish they still lived here. Then of course I had the most stressful drive home which I will discuss in my next post. But in ending, here are a few pictures from Saturday night.

My lovely girls and I.... Me & Angie

At least I already had cute shoes :) Me & Stacy

Bud the bartender was awesome... Nika is just the sweetest...

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