Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mommy, Peyton is my boyfriend...


This is what Bella told me last night before she got in her bath. Peyton is this adorable little boy in her class, he is slightly taller than Bella but pretty little like she is. He also has blonde hair and blue eyes, he is such a sweetie!

So I'm glad she and Peyton seem to have bonded so well, but the word "boyfriend", where did that come from??? She also told me that she loves Peyton. Now I know it's just my 3 1/2 year old expressing her strong feelings of friendship for a very good friend, I just couldn't believe she told me that!

Of course I had to get Kyle so she could tell him, I couldn't resist seeing that reaction ;) Kyle just rolled his eyes and asked when mommy had her first boyfriend. I said, oh I was much older, my first boyfriend was in preschool.

Bella says, "Oh mommy, what was his name??"

Kyle, "Mommy won't remember that."

Me, "Actually his name was Casey VanDuesen, I totally remember him."

Bella, "Oh mommy, that's so cute!!"

Kyle really rolled his eyes at that one ;) It's not like the boy is engraved in my mind forever, it's just a rare sweet memory that for some reason has stayed with me always. Probably because my mom constantly reminded me how cute I was in preschool with my little boyfriend Casey.

Mommy, "Bella you are too young to have a boyfriend, I know Peyton is your very good friend but not your boyfriend."

Bella, "Ok mommy, Peyton is my BEST friend."

That was the end of it then. I can see now that every aspect of myself has been passed along to my beautiful daughter. I am TERRIFIED, a true mini me so far, ay yay yay.

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