Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Out of my rut and re-reading the Twilight books.

Finished Twilight in two days, I'm sure I will be done with Eclipse tonight, I just can't put them down at night after Bella goes to bed!

The teen love angst seems to be the thing for me right now ;) I mean seriously, remember being a teenager and having you first love and the actual PAIN you could feel?? Man do I remember that and these books hit those feelings right on the head! You would think of every single second of your day, looking forward to the seconds you got to see your love in the hallway and praying for the end of the day to come quickly to spend time with them.

I think to myself, my god someday Bella will have these same pains and feelings. I think I would KILL any teenage boy if Bella's heart was broken like in the beginning of Eclipse. What am I saying, it's inevitable right? Her heart will be broken at some point I'm sure, I wish I could shield her from that :) Maybe she will just be the heart breaker ;)

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