Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fit at 2

Kyle and I like to stay fit, at least we really try to. We're all about trying different workout programs and the latest one we got was the 10 Minute Trainer. It is made by the same guy who did P90X, so we knew it would be a great thing for us to have. The P90X was a bit too intense for me and the 1 1/2 workouts were not fitting into my schedule.

Sunday I got Kyle to do three of the 10 minute workouts with me, we did Lower Body, Abs and Yoga. Bella was playing in her playroom and decided to check out what we were doing. Now picture our tiny 23 pound two year old laying with us and actually doing crunches, then picture her trying to do the Warrior Pose in Yoga. We were just cracking up and Kyle is excited by the thought that Bella is already interested in exercising.

I too am excited by her interest in our exercise, we'll keep it up and teach her about a healthy lifestyle. I did tell Kyle that maybe we should lay off for now, she doesn't need to be doing exercise while we are trying to get her to gain some weight! :)

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stephaniezamora said...

ha ha ha, I can picture it now..all three of you on a run in the snow.