Monday, March 16, 2009

So It Begins

I am so very thankful for the amazing warm, sunny weather we are finally getting, BUT with that is the start of Bella's "issues".

We had family over about a week ago and Bella's eyes started getting pretty watery towards the end of the fun. I wasn't sure if maybe it was from anyone wearing perfume or wearing clothes washed in fabric softener or what. We took her outside for a little bit yesterday and her eyes were so watery it looked like she was just crying. Her eyes are so red from her rubbing them, I know they have to be hurting her at this point.

So I decided today to call the allergy place we took her to last year. Our Growth Clinic doctor had told us that there is a difference between testing for allergies by blood draw and testing by the skin prick test. When we had Bella tested it was with the blood draw, and it came back negative for everything. So I thought I would call them today to see about doing the skin prick testing, I think I talked to one of the rudest people ever. She told me that there is NO difference between the blood testing and skin prick testing, that our doctor could call their doctor and clear up any confusion with that. So I said, "So her watery, crying eyes has no cause?", she then asked me if we give Bella eye drops. Well no I don't give her eye drops, no one has ever told me to and if she doesn't have allergies how will eye drops help???

So now I'm back to square one, we have to see our new regular doctor (this is our third one in a year because the other two left) and see what she thinks. I will probably try to get in with another allergy clinic unless they tell me the same thing about the blood tests giving the same results as the skin prick tests.

All I want to do is make my daughter comfortable, watch her enjoy herself, play outside before it gets humid, go on walks. I just feel that there should be some sort of solution to the eye thing, I understand that her skin condition has no solution. We just have to continue to lube her up with good lotion, steroid lotion when needed and keep her out of the humidity, away from perfume, scented detergent, fabric softener, etc. Now I want a solution on how to help her poor little eyes!

Kyle has super sensitive eyes so I guess that could be all it is with Bella, but she wears sunglasses and this still happens......AAAHHHHH!!!

I just want Bella to grow out of all of this.


stephaniezamora said...

Awe poor B, I hope you guys figure it out. Give B hugs and kisses for me.

nlaug said...

Don't give up! Hang in there and keep bugging your doctor. I hope that they can find a solution soon. Good luck!!!