Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good Pain

Bella has been sick yesterday and today, so I stayed home with her.  It's viral so just sleep, tylenol and fluids is all we can do for her :(

I have been keeping up on my P90X too!!  Yesterday was plyometrics, I haven't done those since highschool.  I couldn't even finish the last 10 minutes, my legs felt like they would collapse if I tried to jump anymore.  It's the toughest cardio workout for the program though, so I didn't feel too badly for stopping early.

Today was biceps, triceps and shoulders, plus the Ab Ripper X, yow!!  My abs are still pretty tender from Monday but I toughed through it.  Only 86 days to go ;)

I think I may have to wait about a month to start running, I need to get my body used to doing all of this lifting activity before I add anything more!

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Shalae said...

Yea! So proud of you... now if only I could get my jiggly ass out of bed;)