Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tanner's Party

Laura and I hosted a little gathering for baby Tanner, a meet and greet that was a lot of fun :)  We had it at the Teamsters Hall, decorated a little bit on Friday and had a great time.  It was Mindy, Laura, Lauryn and I and we had some excitement.  I was doing something in the kitchen and when I walked out to go back to the Conference Room I accidentally shut the door and locked my keys inside!  No one else drove, so we didn't even have a car to drive anywhere to get a key.  So I called Kelly to see if she could come over and save us, she didn't answer at first so Mindy decided to try getting into the kitchen with a credit card.

Now this is my baby sister, I'm thinking, yeah right she can't break in with a credit card, right??  I did have some faith in her, because she is a Koch girl and we are pretty resourceful when we really need to be.  As Kelly called me back, Mindy amazingly got the kitchen door open with a credit card :)  I'm proud of you Mindy, but we better not let too many people know about your new talent ;)

It ended up being pretty cold and windy, I know, SHOCKING!  We had the perfect turn out and everyone had a lot of fun.  Tanner got a LOT of new clothes, now he doesn't have to borrow McKayla's ;)  He was so good the entire time, he looked like a little man in his cute outfit and matching shoes.  He's such a solid little boy, the gals at daycare will love him, he's super interactive and loves to smile at you.

This game was fun, everyone had to draw a picture of a baby with the paper plate on top of their heads :)

This is the beautiful artwork by my mom and Mindy :)

At the end of the shower, we just couldn't resist checking out Tanner in his new shades :)

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stephaniezamora said...

sounds like you all need better security at teamsters, ha ha ha. The party looked like fun!