Friday, November 7, 2008

Crazy Relief

After weighing Bella last night before her bath I am feeling a strong sense of relief, crazy relief. She was 22.4 pounds, naked!! When I picked her up from school yesterday her teachers were all excited to tell me that she ate THREE puddings for her afternoon snack, yes THREE puddings. I told them that was fantastic, although I don't think it's such a good idea to feed her more than two at a time.

When Bells was running around the house naked after her bath her belly was so swollen she kind of looked like a child from Ethiopia. I was thinking, is it ok for her to look that way, her poor belly!! I'm so used to my stick child with no belly, it was bothering her a little bit though :(

This morning the belly wasn't quite as big, and she ate most of her oatmeal mixture. It was time to put her in her winter coat due to the freezing temperature of 28 degrees! Her purple 12 month coat from last year fits her perfectly, yay :)

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