Saturday, November 22, 2008


So I did it, I went to Twilight on opening weekend with our roommate David, his friend Kelly and my sister was AWESOME!!!!

We had to wait in line for like an hour because it was jam packed with teenage girls.  David headed for popcorn when we got let go to go the theater, Mindy and I were seriously TRAMPLED heading into the theater.  It was a mad rush of scary, screaming teenage girls.  I think I was traumatized by the experience, also when Edward came out in the first scene I thought the screaming would never stop.

But it was AMAZING - very close to the book, not exact, but the movies are never exact.  After seeing it, the cast is all perfect for their parts, although I think Rosalie should have been more beautiful, but she did great at being a bitch :)

Enjoy the movie my friends, even if you don't approve of Robert Patten as Edward, I thought he did a fabulous job.  Oh yeah, Emmett is MINE!!!!


Missy K said...

robert pattinsen, i think he did a good job. i also think that this is one movie where the dialoge pretty much followed the book. i liked it, judy and i both think that emmett is the hottest too.. lol

stephaniezamora said...

no no no no..ok, the movie was cute and I am sure they did what they could but Robert Pwhatevers acting was, ehn...not that I didn't love reliving the story because I wish everyday that I hadn't already read it. Best two weeks of my life.