Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vase Trial 1

So Missy and Ed have set their wedding for September of next year.  I'm obviously super excited for them and happy to help them plan their long distance wedding.  Missy has a lot of cool ideas, red and black being one of them.  I offered to cover some vases for her to see if she would want to use them for the reception.  So this one is my first attempt, I actually really love it.  Too bad I didn't have any good flowers to put in it for the picture and the second picture is blurry, oops!


stephaniezamora said...

why hello Martha? so nice to meet you. ha ha
it seems like just yesterday when I was helping you make your own center pieces, or was it just set them out, maybe I don't remmeber.

Missy K said...

those look good!